How Easy Is Website SEO Really?


There is a big misconception about website SEO, and in reality, it's the easiest thing in the world. For all the website owners out there, you've got nothing to worry about in terms of gaining exposure and traffic. Because according to so many people, it takes 5 minutes to optimize a site, and another hour for all the traffic to start coming in.

Unfortunately, this is not a realistic picture, and only certain aspects of search engine optimization are easy. But people forget that web SEO doesn't just stop with a few good articles. There are several things that need to happen if you want to see any type of traffic.

So, if you really want to try and run an SEO campaign by yourself, get ready to master the following. That's right, you need to master these elements because you are competing against people who have. 

Web Development

Choosing a free theme, giving it a few tweaks, changing the color and hoping for the best is simply not going to cut it. You need to have the knowledge to make your site unique, but at the same time, keep it functional and practical.

For example, how quick is the loading speed of the pages? Not only are search engines going to pick up on the speed, but users will clearly show their frustration if the loading takes too long. This means you have to trim the distractions and make the site engaging.

And what about the responsiveness? Are you certain that every user, regardless of the device they use, will have a pleasant experience on your site? Because if they don't, search engines will drop your site like a rock.

Good Content And Keywords

The content is the lifeblood of the site, and without it, search engines won't even notice you exist. However, it's not just about posting any random thought that comes to mind. You want to provide visitors with information that is hard to get anywhere else.

More specifically, you want to focus on the niche of your site and dig deep into topics. You also want to link the content to strong keywords. If users aren't typing in the keywords you are ranking with, forget about any exposure. 

Interesting Media

In order to keep your bounce rate low and users on your site, give them more reasons to stay. For example, if you can add a video or photos to the article then you prevent them from leaving your site and searching for them elsewhere. And the longer visitors stay on your site, the more search engines are going to notice.  Good content can also benefit your on-page SEO for your website.


Lastly, the only way to get on search engine radars is to be consistent. You can't stop an SEO campaign once you start, and if you do, chances are you'll quickly lose your ranking. This is because new sites are always joining the race for exposure, and they have no problem leaving you behind. 

So, do you still think you have the skill and time to handle SEO for your website by yourself?